Luca Sørheim

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Untitled part 2: Forget yourself (Fear love etc, between things)

Somehow I am considered a flower, but that isn’t me. You are the flower, or some thing. In your eyes I do probably look like one.

That’s it! Are you scared? Get more scared! Hahaha, more! More more. MORE NOTHING. I really love that, it makes me feel so alive. I love reacting to things, it makes me feel so human, you know?

Like we all agree that the Greek or viking gods are false, right? Hercules is hot but wasn’t he like Jesus or something? Like in another time he was gods son. Is the now God any different?

Mom says God is always with me but I think it’s like bull. I remember praying for a second backpack, I prayed like really hard and I did get it so, maybe since mom really knows this guy he told her in her prayers to get it for me or something. I don’t know, I don’t know.

I got an F, I have potential!

I’M NOT WHAT THEY CALL BORDERLINE TRASH I’M A REALLY GOOD PERSON. Go watch champions league. I’m a feminist, I am beautiful! Werk.


Hillary Duff is not hot


The calendar


Notice me, take my hand. (britney, pop som ego som sier se på meg

Taking pictures with my Iphone X 10, a lot of expresso X 10!


Boycott Barilla, they hate gay people.


The Internet


i love you

No strings attached


i am scattered

Dust is temporary, synthetic is forever heartemoji lol No ok I get it,


What do you do with what you have? What do you have? What is it that you think that you have???


Whats left? What’s left is what is. More alive. Liquids, light, in containers.

i am the container and when i see images or look at things It is like actually light looking out to see the itself, the world

That’s right, we’re like so unstoppable




Between things, what is in the gaps? It is content. It is temporary, it is fear, it is love. Simulations. It is resistance, suffering, mostly. Can you see it? Things are containers filled with material, potential. See it, if it is, what it is and what things are: No things.


In words, people often describe it as a place to where they get home. This is the entrance. Doing, what they call living, thing, love and fear-making, on the way home. Making resistance. Breaking down what’s in the way of what is.

Thinking is not efficient. Enjoy your time as a wavelength. Soul, and shell, for a while.